Ningbo Chaoxin Rivet Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Product Category
round head · countersunk head · flat head
Standard Category
IFI 114-2003
IFI 117-2003
IFI 520-1999
IFI 530-1999
IFI 551-1999
DIN 7337(A)-1991
DIN 7337(B)-1991
GB 12616-1990
GB 12617-1990
GB 12618-1990
GB /T 12615-1990
GB /T 12615.1-2004
GB /T 12616.1-2004
GB /T 12617.1-2006
GB /T 12617.2-2006
GB /T 12617.3-2006
GB /T 12617.5-2006
GB /T 12618.1-2006
GB /T 12618.2-2006
GB /T 12618.3-2006
GB /T 12618.5-2006
GB /T 12618.6-2006
ISO 15973-2000
ISO 15975-2002
ISO 15977-2002
ISO 15978-2002
ISO 15979-2002
ISO 15980-2002
ISO 15983-2002
ISO 16582
ISO 16582-2002
ISO 16585-2002
NF E 25-722-2003
Q 440
Q 441
Q 442
YJT 8006
YJT 8008
YJT 8009
YJT 8011(2221/2241)
YJT 8014

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 About Us
Ningbo Chaoxin Rivet Manufacturing CO.,Ltd (former Ningbo East Sanxin Rivet Manufacturing Co., Ltd is specialized in blind rivet fastening technology.Our products are open type blind rivets,sealed type blind rivets,large flange blind rivets,peel type blind rivet,multigrip type blind rivets and so on. “Sanxin” is well known thatwe can offer you the most complete rangeof quality blind rivets, and we guarantee the best services to thecustomers all over the world.

Market-oriented, as our policy. we are constantly engaged in the development of new product innovationsas well as special customized products for special applications, helping you to find solutions in your productions.We can also serve you with our  products under your private logo and the relevant required packaging in yourdistribution business.

We most heartily invite you reliable distributors and esteemed end-users to get into our export business!